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          Human beings enjoy learning.

          Everybody’s understanding is incomplete.


          The people there are fighting for the independence of their country.

          Ten dollars was a lot of money at that time.


          There is a pen,two pencils and an eraser in the pencil box.

          Neither the boy nor his teachers know the answer.



          The furniture in that shop is all made in China.

          Office equipment is very expensive nowadays.


          Some people drive madly in this country.

          Many cattle have died because of the flood.


          His family is a happy one.

          His family are all interested in stampcollecting



          Bacon and eggs is a very popular British breakfast.


          Jack and Mary are in love with each other.

          Both Tom and John are absent today.

          (3)在由or 或 nor 連接的并列結構中,動詞單、復數形式一般與or 或 nor 后面的名詞或代詞保持一致。

          He or his brothers are to blame for this.

          Neither she nor you are mistaken.

          (4)not only...but also 連接的結構作主語時,動詞的單、復數形式依據 but also 后的名詞或代詞。

          Not only Fred but also his parents love this small pet dog.

          Not only the boys but also their mother is very ill.

          SubjectVerb Agreement(Ⅱ)



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